How ESG Integration can generate Alpha for Fixed Income — and Concordia University’s Unique Sustainable Bond Issue
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Emma Radloff Marc Gauthier David Race
While equities have received the lion's share of ESG engagement form investors, big changes are coming. Fixed income will soon be at the core of sustainable investment from billions of dollars each year to the trillions needed to safeguard a company's creditworthiness over the long term. In this session, hear what the experts say about the big changes that are unfolding. You will discover:
  • How to effectively integrate ESG analysis into the investment process from top-down (macro) and bottom-up (credit research) perspectives
  • The unique sustainable bond issue by Concordia University - and what every investor in Canada can learn from this ground-breaking development
  • How to identify key ESG themes, combining valuation and ESG analysis and identifying best-in-class issuers
  • How ESG integration can generate alpha for fixed income 
Emma Radloff, Manager, Public Assets - NAV Canada
Marc Gauthier, Treasurer & Investment Officer, Concordia University
David Race, Institutional Portfolio Manager - Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management / RBC Global Asset Management Inc.