Spotlight Session 6 - Is Synthetic Credit the Most Flexible Tool to Navigate Market Cycles ?
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Michael Hattab

Synthetic credit has been very popular from its creation early 2000’s up to the GFC in 2008 where all the flaws due to an exponential growth have been put under the spotlight (Lack of transparency, no standardization, too much leverage, no clearing…). Since then, a lot have been learned and fixed to rebuild this market slowly from the start to become one of the most liquid alternative products in the fixed income space with hundreds of billions traded daily. The pure credit exposure with no interest rate duration, the easiness to be either short or long and the ability to target specific risks beyond being just long or short, like convexity, volatility, or default risk, make synthetic credit an essential product in one’s portfolio, especially during volatile periods.

Speaker: Michael Hattab, Head of Credit, LFIS Capital