Investment Officers’ Roundtable: How do Pension CIOs Tackle the Poison of Uncertainty?
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Ruthless policy is rattling markets.  Trump is erratic — ramping up pressure on China, the EU and others.  Brexit has caused great uncertainty.  Climate change — and the horrors it might bring —  is on everyone’s minds.  These uncertainties — and many others — are poison for the economy and risk sentiment alike.  These uncertainties all remain the key drag on global economic uncertainty.  Investors in alternatives, however, can take advantage of these risks --if they have the knowledge and are aware of the risks.  This panel, consisting of CIOs from highly respected institutions, will discuss the strategies and industry sectors they expect will drive their investments in the years to come.
Hear them discuss:

  • Are you considering changes to your plan’s asset allocation?
  • If yes, what is driving that decision?
  • How are you navigating high prices and growing competition to generate superior returns?
  • Highlight your most successful and least successful investment decision
  • Do you use your plan’s funded status to make asset allocation strategies?
  • Discuss how your fund approaches ESG/Sustainability investingWhat is the smartest money buying?
  • How did alternatives help the ROI of your fund?

Michel Malo, Chief Investment  Officer, Provident10
Stephen Thompson, Executive Director, Capital Markets, Department of Treasury Board and Finance, The Government of Alberta                                                
John Denham, Chief Investment Officer', Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario