Have Private Credit and Private Markets Reached their Saturation Point?
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Investments in private credit and debt have been hot recently — and investors have embraced them with great enthusiasm.  But have they hit the saturation point?  Or are there still great opportunities to be found that deliver high ROI?  From interest rates to trade tariffs, structures to covenants, is the industry still searching for yield without sacrificing deal quality?  With corporate balance sheet leverage and consumer leverage high —  plus high market valuations — is there still capacity in the market?  What is the impact on returns as companies chase weaker deals? 

In this session, the experts will guide you to discover:

  • Investment opportunities across the credit spectrum — BDCs, CLOs, Private Credit Funds, Mezz Funds, Broader Strategies
  • Trends in the credit market 
    •  regulated banks
    • non-regulated arranger
    • direct lenders
    • credit quality
    • supply and demand
  • Macro-outlook on the broader economy:  impact on credit to the credit cycle
  • Risk-adjusted returns for credit vs PE, Mezz, Public Markets
  • Will specialization start to see better risk-adjusted returns than generalist direct lending funds?
  • How can private credit boost investor returns and improve diversification?
Greg Walker, Head of Institutional Sales ETFs, Vanguard Investments Canada Inc.
Tyler Gately, Product Manager, Barings Global Private Finance Group
Andrea Kenyon, Portfolio Manager, Private Debt, AIMCo