September 21-23, 2020  |  Le Chateau Montebello  |  Montebello, Q.C.

The Explosive New Growth of Alternative Investments

Stocks, bonds and cash have long been the chosen trinity of portfolio construction, but over the last decade, a fourth allocation — alternatives — has taken hold.  Firmly, in fact.  Alternatives promise greater diversification and a more dynamic asset mix to weather volatile times.  And, for their part, investors — large and small — are piling in.

Alternative assets under management reached US$8.8-trillion globally last year and are expected to hit US$14-trillion by 2023, according to Preqin, an alternatives research firm.

Why is This Happening?

The reason is simple: Institutional investors can increase their ROI with alternatives — if they know what to do!

Alternatives are undergoing continual changes going into 2020 — especially with an increased emphasis on ESG. It now permeates all alternatives — and that needs to be completely understood.

So, How can you benefit from the alternative investment portfolio of the future?

That is what this event is all about. You will learn about how successful institutional investors — large and small alike — are deploying alternatives and increasing their ROI. If you build your strategies from cornerstone principles, it will greatly help you — despite ongoing and persistent turbulence!