The Alternative Investments Portfolio of the Future

Alternative investments are changing rapidly as investors plan to increase their allocations to alternatives over the next five years — namely, into private equity, private debt, real estate, and infrastructure. Public markets are attracting significant interest as well.

The reason is simple: institutional investors can increase their ROI with alternatives— if they know what to do!

Alternatives are also undergoing continual changes going into 2020 — especially with an increased emphasis on ESG. It now permeates all alternative investments — and that needs to be completely understood.

So — what will the alternative investment portfolio of the future look like?

That is what this event is all about. You will learn about how successful institutional investors are deploying alternatives and increasing their ROI. And if you build your strategies from cornerstone principles, it will greatly help you — despite ongoing turbulence.

Some of the Key Takeaways at the 2019 Forum Include

  • How the CDPQ delivered outstanding results in 2018 through alternatives
  • The Trillion Dollar Shift: 5 Key Trends Changing the ESG Investing Landscape
  • A Debate Between Investors and Managers: Different Perspectives on Yield Expectations, Portfolio Optimization and Risk-Taking
  • The All-Important Panel on Sustainable Finance — and how it will affect every pension fund in Canada
  • Where is the smart money being invested?
  • Gold as an asset class