Spotlight: Incorporating ESG in Active and Passive Portfolios
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Christian Felx Pierre-Luc Vachon Gwendolyn De Guzman

Moderator: Gwendolyn De Guzman - Senior Advisor, Business Development, Desjardin Global Asset Management

Christian Felx - Manager, Research and Responsible Investment, Desjardins Global Asset Management

Pierre-Luc Vachon - Responsible Investment Analyst, Desjardins Global Asset Management

In recent times approaches to ESG investing have evolved considerably. In the past, investors and asset owners viewed ESG as a constraint to portfolio performance, however, now they see it as a way to provide effective risk management and to seize investment opportunities. As a result of this shift, asset managers are being asked to offer ESG strategies that mimic or improve upon the risk-return profile of a standard portfolio. This is resulting in more quantitative, data-driven approaches as the availability and quality of ESG metrics increase.  Join this session as our discussion explores ESG integration in active and passive investment, highlight key trends in performance, examine the impact of COVID 19 on ESG strategies and offer insights as to how ESG investment strategies will progress in 2021.

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