Pension Fund Power Panel | Pension Fund Management Through 2020 and Into 2021
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 12:50 PM - 1:35 PM
Jean-François Pépin

Moderator: Peter Milburn Chair of the Board of Directors, BCI

David Asselstine – Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer/Chief Risk Officer, Teachers’ Allowances Retirement Fund (TRAF)

François Audet - Senior Director, Credit & Private Investment Risk, PSP Investments

Jean-François Pépin, CFA, FRM - Senior Director – Financing, Treasury & Pension Fund, Hydro-Quebec Pension Fund

Many pension plans continue to deal with many challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic and need assess the impact these risks will have on pension fund operations and investments. Hear from our pension fund executives on how they are steering their way through the world of investing, which will include their tactical and strategic direction, consultation with internal and external sources to mitigate risk, due diligence process, policy implementation, along with the growing importance of “good governance” and avoidance of conflict of interest and transparency issues.