Spotlight On: Investing in Nature - Hosted By: HSBC Asset Management
Date & Time
Thursday, May 20, 2021, 11:35 AM - 12:20 PM
Sandra Carlisle Christof Kutscher

Moderator: Laura McElwain - Head of Institutional Investments, HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Ltd

Sandra Carlisle - Head of Responsible Investment Specialists, HSBC Asset Management

Christof Kutscher - Executive Chairman, HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management

Sustainable investment in natural capital provides exposure to projects focused on nature including sustainable forestry, regenerative and sustainable agriculture, water supply, blue carbon (carbon captured by oceans and coastal ecosystems), nature based bio-fuels, or nature based projects that generate returns from reducing greenhouse emissions.

As the global economy shifts and the race to decarbonise assets, sectors and entire economies intensifies, there is growing demand for solutions to address climate change that also diversify investment risk and offer attractive, long-term returns.

 Investing in a diverse range of activities that preserve, protect and restore nature over the long-term can help meet these objectives.  Investing in the resilience of nature is investing in the resilience of the economy. Nature is the most fertile investment we have.