Full Name
Darryl Anderson
Job Title
Managing Director
Wavepoint Consulting
Speaker Bio
Darryl’s mission is to help organizations thrive by overcoming the obstacles of moving goods and
people to markets. He has a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth through the
strategic development and tactical use of transportation networks, logistics facilities, and
business process improvement. To enlarge market share and maximize margin, Mr. Anderson
integrates global macroeconomic trends with local market conditions, operational insights, and
regulatory knowledge. Helping firms achieve the lowest cost delivery of products utilizing road,
rail, marine transport, and other logistics options drive improved business performance,
shareholder value and competitive advantage. He has served clients from, or with projects
interests in, North America, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, The Gulf Cooperation Council
Region, West and South Africa and South America.

Mr. Anderson’s private sector roles have included Managing Director, Wave Point Consulting
Ltd, President & CEO of the Port Alberni Port Authority, and Business Development & Planning
Manager for the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority. Non-profit and public sector leadership
positions involve serving as Executive Director, Mercy Ships Canada, Policy Manager, Rail,
Intermodal & Marine for Alberta Transportation, Manager, Trade Policy and Business
Intelligence for the Alberta Energy department.
Darryl Anderson