LP-GP Power Panel: Seeking Alpha in Private Markets in 2020 and Beyond
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Michael F. E. Akkawi Justin Catalano Mark Cormier Kosty Gilis Christian Hensley
Geopolitical tensions and a potential recession sometimes cloud the micro picture. In private markets, massive inflows of capital and large amounts of unused dry powder have helped fuel record valuations. Against this background, GPs need to move carefully, strike opportunistically and create strong private equity leaders — both LPs and GPs — discuss the current state of the market and the strategies that will win.
The session will address:
• How geopolitics is impacting the investment landscape
• What regions and countries are ripe for investment?
• How do you address LP duration concerns?
• What are the key macroeconomic and geopolitical risks impacting investor sentiment?
• What are the leading investment themes over the next 12 months?
• How can private equity take advantage of the current market turbulence?
• Where does Canada fit into a North American and world strategy?
• What trends are evolving within the LP-GP relationship?
Michael F. E. Akkawi, Partner, Torys LLP
Omar Khalifa, Director, Private Equity, Fengate Asset Management                                                                             
Mark Cormier, Director, Private Funds and Asset Management, Alberta Investment Management Corp.                                    
Kosty Gilis, Managing Director, Onex                                                                                                                         
Christian B. Hensley, Senior Managing Director, Equities and Credit, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario