Investing in Asian Private Credit and Debt: Is Now a Good Time?
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Paul Heffner Leon Lu Neeraj Seth Ben Fanger
Global private credit AUM reached a record high of US$769B in June of 2018. And, while the APAC market is still small, it has been growing rapidly with US$4.7B raised annually on average for the past ten years. Despite the adverse economic impact of the US-China trade dispute, Asian economies still continue to grow faster than developed markets creating opportunities for investment. In this session, experienced market participants offer their views on the state of the Asian credit market and where those opportunities for investing are.
• What strategies is the money going into? And, where is it coming from? How does it compare on a global basis?
• What are the challenges for investing with Asian based managers, such as rule of law, enforcement, currency and how are Asian credit managers addressing these issues?
• Why an economic downturn will create opportunities for higher returns. In what strategies?
• Why the perceived risks of investing in some strategies are higher than the actual risks resulting in excellent returns.
• Understand why the leading Canadian public and corporate pension plans are actively looking to grow their Asian private credit allocations.
Leon Lu, Portfolio Manager, Head of Fixed Income, University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation
Ben Fanger, Managing Partner & Founder, ShoreVest Partners
Paul Heffner, Co-founder, Managing Partner & CEO, Adamas Asset Management
Neeraj Seth, Managing Director Head Asian Credit,BlackRock