June 5, 2019  –  Vantage Venues  –  Toronto, ON

Do you know about all the New Risks and Opportunities in Fixed Income?

If you don’t . . . then prepare for a bumpy ride!

Avoid that bumpy ride.

Inflation is stirring. Trades wars have kicked off. Interest rates are going up and there is more turbulence than ever in many parts of the world. What challenges does such an environment pose to institutional fixed income investors? What asset classes will prosper? And which will not? Where are the best opportunities in fixed income to be found?

This needs a whole new approach to fixed income in 2019-2020!

What are they? Get all of the answers . . . and more at the 4th Annual Canadian Fixed Income Investments in Pensions Forum. It is the only event in Canada that is driven by leading institutional investors, addressing how pension funds generate yields and manage risks within their fixed income portfolio at the intersection of geopolitical uncertainty and forecasted economic growth.
Join your peers from pension funds and market leaders for one day of contents and networking, which will enable you to strategize with your current portfolio.
Discover the impact of volatility — and the new approaches to deal with it.

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