Full Name
Joelle Faulkner
Job Title
President & Co-Founder
Area One Farms
Speaker Bio
JOELLE FAULKNER is the CEO of Area One Farms, a firm that invests institutional capital into Canadian farmland, a non-correlated, low-risk and high-return asset class. Through partnership with top-performing Canadian farmers, Area One has acquired nearly 150,000 acres. The firm creates value by expanding the land-base of each farm, converting non-usable land into farmland, supporting farm operations, and improving the productivity of those operations. On their fourth fund, Area One Farms is one of the fastest growing managers in the farmland investment space. Joelle is a Rhodes Scholar, a Fulbright Scholar, holding degrees in chemical engineering, business and law. She was named an EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, and a Future Leader in Canada's Most Powerful Women: the Top 100. Joelle's prior experience was at Onex, Morgan Stanley, Bain & Co., Stanford University and Roy-L Capital. She is originally from Canada's second largest dairy farm.
Joelle Faulkner