Individual Recognition

The award recognizes the individual who demonstrated a major contribution to their firm in the past year.
This award recognizes the career achievements and contribution of an individual to the private equity sector, developing new opportunities for business growth, and their dedication and representation of integrity and service to the Private Equity sector.
This award sets out to identify and recognize the leader of tomorrow who are leading the way in the industry with their talent, dedication and expertise. The award is open to individuals who will be age 40 and under as of November 20, 2019. Submissions must clearly state examples on why this individual demonstrates quality leadership.
The award specifically recognizes the woman who demonstrates professional achievement and contribution to their firm in the past year.

Organization Recognition

This award recognizes the 2019 deals that have been closed by the nomination date. Nominations will be based on an executive summary of the deal, highlighting those aspects of the deal that make it most deserving of recognition, not to exceed 200 words. A maximum of 10 bullet point highlights of no more than a page, or an essay not to exceed 800 words on the significance of the award.
This award recognizes the firm that demonstrates a commitment to fostering the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the sector though their mission statement, work environment and culture, and external socially - affiliated activities. These activities address diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense, including race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability and religious affiliation.
This award firms that have distinguished themselves in terms of investment activity, fundraising and overall performance in Canada.